About me

Paul Fudulu


I began as a strong sympathizer of liberal economic thought, especially public choice and constitutional economics. Then I started to realize, step by step, that Western economic theory is wrong on many things: first of all, contrary to what it is held, a different in nature maximand changes the nature of the whole theory. By shifting the Western-inspired extreme maximand of absolute wealth to the trans-cultural maximand of general power, Hayek proves to be wrong on justice, past path dependency and transaction cost theories have clear internal inconsistencies, theory of externality and public goods proves to be a product of explanatory failure. The same new paradigm results then, among others, in a true all-inclusive economic definition of rules and institutions and a clear proof for cultural determination of economic performance (my current research program).

In the beginning I taught at University of Transylvania at Brasov. I was a visiting scholar for about 2 and half years at the Center for Study of Public Choice, GMU, Virginia. Since 1998 I have been a professor of economics at the Faculty for Political Science, University of Bucharest and, simultaneously, a senior researcher at the Center for Compared and Consensual Economics within the Romanian Academy.


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